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Healthcare – Agastha EHS
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Dealer Order Management System

Work Order Management System

Construction & Infrastructure Resource Planning


Vendor Management Solution


Healthcare Agastha EHS

Agastha EHS solution provides exceptional healthcare delivery. Whether a small practice or a multi-specialty network, it provides customizable solutions to help operations run smoothly for clinical care providers, seekers, and administration. Agastha EHS has been in the market since 2003, serving millions of patients in the USA, India, and Africa.

Ayan Tech offers SAP integrable Agastha EHS healthcare solutions on the cloud. It is designed with efficient front-end usability compliant with mandatory International regulations.


Product Highlights

  • Seamlessly manages Inpatient, Outpatient, and Emergency Department services.
  • Enterprise functionalities such as Financials, Management Accounting, Procurement, Inventory Management, HR, and Asset Maintenance.
  • State-of-the-art technologies such as AI/ML analytics, IoT, Kiosks, Patient portal, Queue management, Clinical decision support, and Telemedicine.

Dealer Order Management System

DOMS Supports the industry-specific sales and services processes of dealers and dealer organizations, licensed dealers, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vendors. For ex, this includes handling the latest and used vehicles sales, vehicle service, and components management. The element is distinguished by its multi-brand capability also like its ability to manage completely different locations. Customer-specific settings with respect to language and country, like currency and taxes, meaning that it will be deployed worldwide.

As a dealer, you’ll be able to manage orders from its creation, through to completion, and also the request section. Order management allows processes to be modeled adaptably. During this approach, you’ll be able to meet completely different necessities that arise from the OEM & SAP provides relevant techniques.

AYAN’S DOMS has been the right choice to achieve these for many businesses in reaping the said business benefits.

Product Highlights

  • No client-side Footprint is required.
  • Minimizes the integration effort.
  • Web Dispatcher / Reverse Proxy is used for protecting the SAP server behind the firewall.
  • Web Dynpro supports the Web representation of business applications.
  • Automatic Emailing and SMS services.

Product Benefits

  • Easy to use Web-based system for Dealer Order Management process
  • Dealers can place orders directly to the manufacturers/Distributors
  • Gives control to manufacturers/ Distributors to review & approve orders placed by Dealers
  • Gives opinion to Dealers to change their posted orders.
  • Provides reports (Pending Order Status, Total Order Status, Dispatch &- Invoice Due Lists & payment Outstanding List)
  • Generates Proforma for dealer Order

Work Order Management System

WOMS is a web-enabled external facing SAP portal application that facilitates and integrates work order management activities for business organizations. Nowadays most of the manufacturing and Distribution firms are in crucial need of guaranteeing their core business processes are improved and standardized by IT systems. Accomplishing this may facilitate support new business imperatives and deliver the business edges that are needed to stay competitive within the market. Competitiveness of manufacturing and Distribution firms is driven by the power to quickly launch a new product and speed up time-to-market and order-to-cash cycles – all whereas reducing inventory, time and value. AYAN’S WOMS has been the correct option to accomplish these for several businesses in reaping the aforesaid business edges. reaping the said business benefits.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use Web-based system for Sales and Service Process.
  • Sales process includes Creation of Inquiry and Quotation.
  • Service process includes Creation of Notification, Conversion of Notification into Work Order

Product Benefits

  • Avoids redundant data entry by Sales and Service team.
  • Sales engineer self-service functionality.
  • Hassle free and Speedy Service order processing.
  • Reduces turn-around time and improves your business performance.
  • Automatic Email to Sales Engineers about their Notifications Assigned.
  • Immediate response to Customer Inquiry.

Construction & Infrastructure Resource Planning

Infrastructure and construction are one of the fundamental facilities and systems required in any country, city, town, etc., It is all around us from residential housing, commercial and industrial buildings, to large infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and public utilities. The nature of the construction business is project-based, characterized by long gestation times for planning, estimating, scheduling, and execution, typically lasting several years and involving the amalgamation of a huge number of variables. CHIRP highlights and brings together all the aspects of a project life cycle: from concept to closure. Leveraging the best of technology, and business practices, it allows an enterprise (whether building for themselves or executed by an EPC vendor), to fully control the flow of information, cost, schedule, and reporting in an all-in-one solution. CHIRP offers:

  • Opportunity Management: OM is the development of a project from the time it is an idea/lead to a full-fledged contract. It allows users to enter more and update data as the opportunity matures and moves to the contract stage.
  • Construction Methods: CHIRP allows a visual format for building and execution of any project- Using building blocks to conceive the process steps in a simple and intuitive format. Once the blocks are assembled and represent a logical and time-structured method of physical construction, the system allows you to publish a work/project breakdown structure.
    In the second step, the defined structure can be assigned any number of typical construction activities such as excavation, foundation work, site clearance, etc.
    Once typical construction activities are assigned to the structure, we can assign the bill of quantities (BOQ) that is required for the project. The BOQ that comes out as part of an architect or customer tender is pre-mapped to a CHIRP set of construction gangs (or crews) that are in turn pre-defined in the system as relevant master data.
    Master data includes items like customers, vendors, materials, resources such as labor, equipment, subcontractors, special procurement items, etc. These are assembled in ready to use construction crews (or gangs) that are defined as typical construction combos (example welder and welding machine) These construction combos have productivity levels defined based on typical project types such as a road or building project.

Product Benefits

  • Construction Program and Project Schedule: CHIRP takes the published program and allows the user to work towards optimizing a number of things to bring down the cost, estimated revenue, take into consideration milestones for billing or payment, project cash flows and optimize use and cost of all kinds of resources: material, labor, crews/gangs. It also facilitates comparison of self-executed cost to any number of subcontractor quotes for a given package in the project. It allows the user to schedule the time required by the project in line with the customer or tender demand. The user can use CHIRP’s project scheduling capability to build critical, non-critical and other lag items into the schedule and come up with a very accurate timeline for executing all aspects of the project.
    The Construction Program also allows the user to organize the planned percentage of completion by month/period and allows the planning for the purchase of materials and other requirements (MRP).
    Most project applications get into either too much detail (and are prohibitively expensive) or not enough detail (leading to an inaccurate estimate of time and resources). It is possible to build detailed cash flows on the project using CHIRP and after considering all the manual inputs, the user can further use the system to come up with a fully scheduled work plan.
  • After the Program is completed and published, CHIRP can be used to consider all areas of Contract Management, i.e. handling the workflow and documentation related to submitting the bid, digital signatures, and basically keep all variables of the project internal till the project is ready to be sent for execution.
  • Execution of the project is done with the CHIRP/SAP solution where all aspects of the project, including its structure, master data, pricing, dates, schedule, dependencies, and all logistics are transferred to SAP. SAP’s Project System is used for the largest enterprise companies in the world, and CHIRP has a built-in interface to both push and pulls data from SAP. For smaller companies, general contractors, CHIRP interfaces with SAP Business One to give a truly integrated solution for project-based organizations.
  • CHIRP also has a strong reporting module that runs on Business Objects and the whole application sits on the web.

Smart Solutions

Smart Sugar

  • A pre-configured, flexible SAP based Cane Management Solution that efficiently manages sugar and ethanol manufacturing businesses.
  • Provides real-time information to minimize the delay between harvesting and processing of sugar cane to avoid lower recovery.
  • Delivers crucial benefits by addressing best practices in business processes and business needs. The solution also addresses the needs of IAP and Co-generation Plants.

Smart Compo

  • A pre-configured SAP platform based ERP solution targeted towards component manufacturing companies.
  • Addresses industry needs such as increased production efficiencies, optimised supply chain model and fast turn-around time for order status inquiries.
  • Integrated solution covering Finance, Sales & Distribution, Material Management, Production Planning, Quality Management, Plant Management.

Smart Foundry 

  • A unique SAP solution targeted towards foundries that address the IT scalability needs in the industry.
  • Integrates and optimizes processes from procurement to sales and from production, and quality control up to shipment.
  • Provides access to vital information to cater to industry needs such as increased production efficiencies, reduced wastage and reduced consumption of raw materials and energy.
  • Leverages legacy and domain expertise for the right fit solution.
  • Incorporates the best business practices and tested for business integration to address the needs of Finance, Sales & Distribution, Material Management, Production Planning, Quality Management, Plant Management.
  • Addresses unique requirements like spectrometer integration, pattern life monitoring and other complex processes associated with the foundry process.

Vendor Management Solution

VPS is a Vendor Management Solution which is a web-based SAP Software application which allows any organization to effectively and efficiently work in partnership with its vendors. The biggest benefit of this application is that, not only, does it provide instant transactions in a safe and secure environment but also provides the organization with opportunities to improve their business model. A few of the benefits of using our Vendor Portal Solution is:

  • Centralize Vendor Information with access to individual Vendors.
  • Facilitate effective information exchange of purchase orders and schedules to the respective vendors.
  • Facilitate effective planning and ease of goods receipt with advance shipment alerts to plant.
  • Facilitate effective tracking of sub-contracting process across vendors.

Facilitates the effective utilization of plant personnel with relevant information shared to vendors on time and ensures that there is no hassle of reconciliation during goods receipt. Ayan’s VPS system offers you scalable solutions which are user-friendly and will provide you visible benefits in terms of ROI and time management. Our solution helps you to connect with your vendors without compromising the integrity of your current AP/AR processes as well as your technology requirements. We have a proven track record in helping our customers save money, so, if you are looking for vendor management solution or you are curious to know how we can help you send us an email at info@ayantech.com/or call us @ 044-4243 4114

Migration Template

We understand data, and we know the significance of managing and channeling data the right way. Over the years we have worked with our clients in various verticals on projects which addresses the issue of faulty data. We have built Migration Templates (MIG) for loading, cleansing, managing, manipulating and organizing data. Master data management and governance is our forte. Over the years , we have seen many instances of organizations struggling to manage escalating timelines w.r.t. projects (and obviously the resulting increase in expenses) as programmers took forever to deal with data. We have addressed this gap by providing effective on-time solutions to our customers. With the Ayan advantage you will be able to gain control over your data, empower your team and effectively use data to drive growth.


Data Quality

  • Data Quality Health Check Service
  • Data Cleansing and Enrichment Service, as stand-alone or part of Migration
  • Pre-built Data Quality Management content using SAP BOBJ Data Services
  • Industry-specific standards for data standardization
  • Data Governance framework.

Master Data Management

  • MDM Repositories for Operational Master Data, including: Well Master, Land/Lease, Enterprise Assets, Material Characteristics, BOM / Routing, Linear Assets, etc.
  • MDM Repositories for standard business processes including, Materials, Customer, Vendors, etc.
  • Industry Specific MDM solutions for Oil & Gas Upstream, Utilities, Process Sector.
  • Master Data Governance framework and User Interface / BPM templates

Data Migration

  • Pre-built Migration Content based on SAP BOBJ Data Services
  • Templates for migration Master and Transaction data of 150+ BusinessProcess objects
  • Ready-made mapping for SAP and non-SAP applications (SAP, mapping for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Maximo)
  • Data Migration Service for New Implementation, Merger & Acquisition, Consolidation

Data Integration 

  • Integration Services using SAP BOBJ Data Services
  • Integration Content based on Web Services, BAPI / Idoc / RFC, SMTP, FTP, HTTP technologies
  • Pre-built integration for 150+ standard Business Process objects
  • Integration & Transformation content for SAP and mapping for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Maximo.

Data Archiving  

  • Archival Strategy Service
  • Data Archiving Assessment study
  • DART implementation service
  • Archival Migration Service
  • Legacy Data Archival Service (directly archive legacy historic data in SAP readable format)