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SAP Solutions Implementation

Overview of the Service

At Ayantech Solutions, we offer SAP® Business All-in-One which is the best choice that can help you increase efficiency, cut costs, and build lasting relationships with customers with this service.

SAP Business All-in-One solution can help you improve financial management, maintain operational excellence, and enhance competitive agility – so not only can you manage well in times of economic uncertainty but also lay a solid foundation for growth.

With SAP® Business All-in-One, you can help your organization tailor those needs that are specific to your industry. Some of the feet that you can achieve during the difficult economic times are:

  • Lay Solid Foundation for Your Business
  • Improve Financial Management
  • Maintain Operational Excellence
  • Enhance Agility
  • Unify and Simplify

The Comprehensive and Integrated SAP® Business All-in-One Solution offers the following integrated functionalities:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


At Ayantech Solutions, We effectively manage your operations with all aspects taken into account. The software includes comprehensive functionality for accounting and financials, sales and service, procurement and logistics, inventory management, human capital management, product development and manufacturing, corporate services, and reporting and analytics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

From generating leads to closing a deal, including follow-up support and add-on or reference sales or cross-selling. SAP® Business All-in-One includes comprehensive functionality for marketing, sales, service, contact center, and reporting.


Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Inteligence

Gain insight and improve decision making with tools for financial and operational reporting and analysis. SAP® Business All-in-One offers best-practice reports, analytics, and tools to help satisfy the rigorous reporting requirements for financial accounting, logistics, customer relationship management, and more – all preconfigured by business role and business scenario.

Best Practices

Ayan provides proven methods and tools for organizations to implement best business practices in key functional areas and in a range of industries. With industry-specific configuration, SAP® Best Practices is based on 35 years of experience in more than 25 industries worldwide. The result is rapid yet reliable solution deployment, which translates into less time, lower costs, and reduced project risk.

Best Practices

SAP®NetWeaver® Technology Platform

Because SAP® Business All-in-One is powered by the SAP® NetWeaver technology platform, you can quickly and cost-effectively add on to your existing solution as your business grows and your needs change.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) provides extensive functionality for logistics, manufacturing, planning, and analytics. Take advantage of a training curriculum that can help you drive maximum value from your investment.

At Ayan, You can optimize your supply chain for months in advance; streamline processes such as supply network, demand, and material requirement planning; create detailed scheduling; refine production integration, and maximize transportation scheduling. As a result, you’ll be able to get your products to market quickly – and cost-effectively.

AYAN TECH’s SCM solutions’ core components include the following that can be deployed in a modular manner:

  • Transportation Planning – Optimization Profile, Order Split, GIS Interface
  • Global Available-to-promise
  • Demand Planning – Interactive Planning, Life Cycle Planning, Forecasting
  • Supply Network Planning – Interactive Order Maintenance, Deployment, and Transport Load building and Capable-to-match
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inbound Order Fulfillment
  • Service Parts Management

Having a world-class talent drive and execute business initiatives is imperative for top-performing organizations. Human capital management solutions from AYAN allow you to automate HR processes with the ability to track, manage, and analyze your employee data from the application to retirement. Robust recruitment, benefits, and absence tracking tools enhance administrative control, and paperless workflows and enhanced collaboration improve efficiency.

Partner with AYAN to develop a strategic HR IT plan, evaluate and implement an HCM packaged solution, or implement a managed application solution-all based on your unique business objectives and budgetary concerns.

Our HCM Solutions deliver the following benefits:

  • Empower employees
  • Effectively manage compensation and benefits
  • Enhance talent development and management initiatives
  • Align recruitment and workforce administration
  • Support time management
  • Improve enterprise asset management

In the early days, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality was grouped into modules which could be implemented separately. So when you are interested in registering inventory management and purchasing related transactions, then you would implement the Materials Management (MM) module. When adding customer sales transactions, then also include Sales and Distribution (SD).

The most important module was – and still is – Finance (FI) as you need it to define your company as a legal entity before you can use any functionality offered by the system. The main objective of the FI module is to allow the company to perform tasks linked to external financial reporting. When there is a need for internal reporting, then the Controlling (CO) module needs to be added. In essence FI and CO must be seen as the core of any SAP Enterprise Central Component (ECC) system.

Here a list of grouped sets of SAP ECC functionality that will be in scope when configuring your company:

  • General Ledger Accounting [FI-GL]
  • Accounts Payable [FI-AP]
  • Accounts Receivable [FI-AR]
  • Internal Orders [CO-OPA]
  • Profitability Analysis [CO-COPA]
  • Collections Management [FSCM-COL]
  • Credit Management [FSCM-CR]
  • Consumption-Based Planning [MM-CBP]
  • Purchasing [MM-PUR]
  • Inventory Management [MM-IM]
  • Logistics Invoice Verification [MM-IV]
  • Sales [SD-SLS]
  • Billing [SD-BIL]
  • Shipping [LE-SHP]
  • Transportation [LE-TRA]

SAP ECC implementations are a big challenge for any customer because of the risk that represents changing the way they manage vital information and processes, but we at AYAN know the importance of counting with these kinds of systems, and the benefits of a successful/integrated ERP implementation are too valuable.
Our ECC solution will perfectly create a bridge between your core modules to communicate with each other to create a fully integrated solution specific to almost any customer within a wide range of industry sectors.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the focus of top companies is increasing on its most valuable assets – clients. Thus, the companies require a suitable software solution to cater to its customers which is user-friendly, easily customizable, fully integrated, and can be implemented flexibly.
In such a competitive global marketplace, companies must focus on attaining new customers, retaining the loyalty of existing ones, and enhancing customer satisfaction in a holistic manner. Customer relationship strategies vary widely across different industry verticals, and each has its own set of challenges.
AYAN TECH provides holistic Customer Relationship Management solutions that cater to all aspects of a CRM application:

  • Campaign Management
  • Customer and Sales Analytics
  • Customer Interaction Service Center Management
  • Dealer Network Management
  • Internet Sales and e-Commerce
  • Retail Channel Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Service Management

Our CRM services also include:

  • CRM strategy development
  • User research and assessment to ensure high adoption rates
  • Multi-channel strategy, design, and integration
  • E-Business and web solutions
  • Package evaluation, selection, customization, deployment, integration, and ongoing management

We also help you to achieve ‘Single face to customer’, which means the customer gets regular & actual information independent of the channel through which he or she is contacting your company.

Master Data Governance

Data Governance

Even though Master data has in recent years become attention to point of the IT business in giant corporate firms, an amazingly low variety of corporations actually implement and follow correct Master data Governance. Completely different Master data cleansing projects are usually executed and no or very little master data management practices are instituted to keep the info clean. At Ayantech, we help you with consulting in Master data Governance which is concerning the creation of a company culture within which the importance and goals of Master data Governance is well outlined and understood, and thus practiced in a goal-oriented manner.

ERP Implementations

Ayantech Solution’s Master data cleansing is commonly done once implementing a brand new ERP. Normal ERP implementation programs solely migrate current data, and therefore the cleansing processes that are applied solely focuses on removing obsolete information and duplicates.

Ayantech’s methodology incorporates the synchronization and enrichment of the information so the utmost profit is derived from a really high-priced ERP implementation project. Best results are obtained once Ayan Tech’s consultants form a part of the implementation team and are accountable for all


Master data migration, coordination and enrichment. Ayantech’s has performed several projects for various ERP.
Ayan Tech’s consultants are supported by our expert data cleansing and analyzing tools and our numerous multilingual content refineries that focus on the coordinating, cataloging, classification and enriching information.

Material Masters and Procurement and Stock Management

Stock Management

Standard ERP’s don’t have functions for Master data management. They’re designed to use the Master data, however, do not produce quality Master data and therefore the control of data entry. Unless an organization has enforced a Master data governance system throughout the initial implementation of the ERP, then it will nearly be secured that the master data are going to be contaminated in a couple of years once go-live of the ERP. Therefore, a variety of Ayantech’s projects are measure for existing ERP’s to clean the prevailing Material Masters, Vendors, and to boost the Plant Maintenance Master data. The actual fact is that the ERP cannot perform higher than allowed by the Master data.

B2B & e-Commerce

B2B platforms and e-commerce need a unique focus on the management of the material masters. An integrated knowledge approach between the e-commerce platform and therefore the company’s ERP is needed for a good solution. With Ayantech’s international expertise in this field, a superior solution integrated with Master data Governance will be achieved.


Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintanece

This vital area for major savings and production improvement is often neglected from a Master Data perspective. For cost effective plant maintenance, and the reduction of plant downtime, an integrated approach between plant maintenance and procurement should be implemented through standardized master data methodology and governance. This covers all aspects such as Plant Hierarchies / Functional Location Hierarchies, Equipment, Bills of Materials and Standard Tasks and Material Masters.

Construction of New Plants and Plant Extensions

Major savings are often achieved if the Master data creation for a brand new plant or an extension of an existing plant is completed properly. The Ayantech’s methodology is predicated on leveraging the present Material to avoid the excessive procural of maintenance spares for the new plant. An enormous ROI (return on investment) of over ten times the project prices will commonly be achieved.

New Plant



Material Masters also are the idea for producing, as all elements for the producing method need to be procured. Clearly, the main target and objectives are totally different to that of the buying of spares for plant maintenance. Understanding this and the way to manage the Master data for producing is important to success.