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Smart Solutions

SMART SUGAR A pre-configured, flexible SAP based Cane Management Solution that efficiently manages sugar and ethanol manufacturing businesses. Provides real-time information to minimize delay between harvesting and processing of sugar cane to avoid lower recovery. Delivers crucial benefits by addressing best practices in business processes and business needs. The solution...

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VPS is a Vendor Management Solution which is a web-based SAP Software application which allows any organization to effectively and efficiently work in partnership with its vendors. The biggest benefit of this application is that, not only, does it provide instant transactions in a safe and secure environment but also...

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Migration Template (MIT)

We understand data, and we know the significance of managing and channeling data the right way. Over the years we have worked with our clients in various verticals on projects which addresses the issue of faulty data. We have built Migration Templates (MIG) for loading, cleansing, managing, manipulating and organizing...

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Construction & Infrastructure Resource Planning (CHIRP)

Infrastructure and construction are one of the fundamental facilities and systems required in any country, city, town, etc., It is all around us from residential housing, commercial and industrial buildings, to large infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and public utilities.The nature of the construction business is project based,...

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Work Order Management System

WOMS is a web-enabled external facing SAP portal application that facilitates and integrates work order management activities for business organizations. Nowadays most of the manufacturing and Distribution firms are in crucial need of guaranteeing their core business processes are improved and standardized by IT systems. Accomplishing this may facilitate...

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Dealer Order Management System

DOMS Supports the industry-specific sales and services processes of dealers and dealer organizations, licensed dealers, and Original equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vendors. For ex, this includes handling the latest and used vehicles sales, vehicle service, and components management. The element is distinguished by its multi-brand capability also as its ability...

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