Ayan Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


VPS is a Vendor Management Solution which is a web-based SAP Software application which allows any organization to effectively and efficiently work in partnership with its vendors. The biggest benefit of this application is that, not only, does it provide instant transactions in a safe and secure environment but also provides the organization with opportunities to improve their business model. A few of the benefits of using our Vendor Portal Solution is: •Centralize Vendor Information with access to individual Vendors. •Facilitate effective information exchange of purchase orders and schedules to the respective vendors. •Facilitate effective planning and ease of goods receipt with advance shipment alerts to plant. •Facilitate effective tracking of sub-contracting process across vendors. •Facilitates effective utilization of plant personnel with relevant information shared to vendors on time, and ensures that there is no hassle of reconciliation during goods receipt. Ayan’s VPS system offers you scalable solutions which are user friendly and will provide you visible benefits in terms of ROI and time management. Our solution helps you to connect with your vendors without compromising the integrity of your current AP/AR processes as well as your technology requirements. We have a proven track record in helping our customers save money, so, if you are looking for vendor management solution or you are curious to know how we can help you send us an email at info@ayantech.com/or call us @ 044-4243 4114


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