Ayan Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Dave Anderson

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Director – Sales

Dave Anderson has joined Ayan Tech and serves as Director of Sales. Dave is responsible for all sales activites in North America, urrent customers which include several Fortune 100 organizations as well as all new logo growth.

Prior to his tenure with Ayan Tech, Dave had a successful career at several Technology and Consulting companies helping to guided top retailers and brands to growth through innovation.

Dave’s expertise includes a deep understanding of business processes with a command of entrepreneurialspirit that drives a simple approach to growth and innovation.

As a Strategic leader with more than 18 years of experience leading high-tech companies, Dave applies front-line and direct engagement while designing and implementing processes for successful worldwide implementations.

Dave has a proven track record of driving strategy from development through execution.
Dave is committed to our present and future clients, serving and support beyond the Blue Vase!


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