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Work Order Management System

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WOMS is a web-enabled external facing SAP portal application that facilitates and integrates work order management activities for business organizations. Nowadays most of the manufacturing and Distribution firms are in crucial need of guaranteeing their core business processes are improved and standardized by IT systems. Accomplishing this may facilitate support new business imperatives and deliver the business edges that are needed to stay competitive within the market. Competitiveness of manufacturing and Distribution firms is driven by the power to quickly launch new product and speed up time-to-market and order-to-cash cycles – all whereas reducing inventory, time and value. AYAN’S WOMS has been the correct option to accomplish these for several businesses in reaping the aforesaid business edges.reaping the said business benefits.


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  • Easy to use Web-based system for Sales and Service Process.
  • Sales process includes Creation of Inquiry and Quotation.
  • Service process includes Creation of Notification, Conversion of Notification into Work Order,


  • Avoids redundant data entry by Sales and Service team.
  • Sales engineer self-service functionality.
  • Hassle free and Speedy Service order processing.
  • Reduces turn-around time and improves your business performance .
  • Automatic Email to Sales Engineers about their Notifications Assigned.
  • Immediate response to Customer Inquiry.



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