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Dealer Order Management System

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DOMS Supports the industry-specific sales and services processes of dealers and dealer organizations, licensed dealers, and Original equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vendors. For ex, this includes handling the latest and used vehicles sales, vehicle service, and components management. The element is distinguished by its multi-brand capability also as its ability to manage completely different locations. Customer-specific settings with respect to language and country, like currency and taxes, mean that it will be deployed worldwide.

As a dealer, you’ll be able to manage orders from its creation, through to completion, and also the request section. Order management allows processes to be modelled adaptably. During this approach, you’ll be able to meet completely different necessities that arise from the OEM & SAP provides relevant techniques.

AYAN’S DOMS has been the right choice to achieve these for many businesses in reaping the said business benefits.

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  • No client-side Footprint required.
  • Minimizes the integration effort.
  • Web Dispatcher / Reverse Proxy is used for protecting SAP server behind the firewall.
  • Web Dynpro supports the Web representation of business applications.
  • Automatic Emailing and SMS services.


  • Easy to use Web-based system for Dealer Order Management process
  • Dealers can place orders directly to the manufacturers/Distributors
  • Gives control to manufacturers/ Distributors to review & approve orders placed by Dealers
  • Gives opinion to Dealers to change their posted orders.
  • Provides reports (Pending Order Status, Total Order Status, Dispatch &- Invoice Due Lists & payment Outstanding List)
  • Generates Proforma for dealer Order



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