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Hal Zesch

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Hal Zesch has served as the Senior ​ Vice President and CIO ​and member of the CEO Management Committee of ​Valero Energy Corporation. He is a well-known name in the oil & gas business. Prior to his retirement, Hal ​was​ a 30 yea​r veteran of Valero, and served 7 years ​as a consulting manager with ​ Deloitte. In addition he served as Vice President, ​ Best Business Practices; Vice President, ​SAP Systems and Integration and Controller (Operations). Hal’s expertise in dealing with technology, systems and strategy were put to work at Valero Energy which grew from 5 billion USD to over 120 billion USD multinational company ​in​ 10 years. His expertise ranges from SAP deployments for Oil & Gas to Analytics, EIM, Mobile Solutions, Cloud and Integration. Ayan will benefit from his strengths in Information Technology, Business Alignment and knowledge of Oil & Gas related systems.



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