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Ayan’s SAP practice has complete end-to-end solution capabilities across the SAP modules. This also includes the process enablement services to define to help evaluate, select and define the SAP transformation roadmap as well as capabilities to Implement, design, configure, integrate, test and support the SAP solutions for an enterprise.

To help you manage product design for integrated product development, our SAP software solution combines support for the following processes in a single, integrated process flow:

  • Product portfolio planning and product initiative management
  • Project management
  • Product structure management and variant configuration
  • Material master management and document management
  • Development collaboration
  • Product costing
  • Quality engineering
  • Engineering change management
  • Manufacturing collaboration
  • Complaints and returns analysis
  • Service portfolio planning


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Industry leaders are learning through experience to reduce cost and time to market through tight integration of product development from design through service.

Product development faces a harsh marketplace. Comparison shopping is as fast as a mouse click, and buyers expect the best in quality, innovation, and service. Revenues are vulnerable; the competitive landscape volatile. You must synchronize design, development, sourcing, and manufacturing to prevent waste, minimize changes, and speed time to profit. Our SAP solution helps you with support for product development processes that align product definition and production ramp-up.

Integrated product development, in short, speeds up your time to profit. It allows you to address these key challenges:

  • Responding to margin pressure by adding new products to the marketplace
  • Designing for profit and avoiding costly reengineering and remake
  • Accelerating development and ramp-up time
  • Optimizing sourcing potential and facilitating supplier integration


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Ayan’s SAP practice includes consultants based onsite in offices globally as well as its global offshore development centers in India. Ayan has over the years implemented several SAP life cycle projects and assimilated deep expertise and best practices which it effectively leverages for its clients. Our SAP professionals have diverse skill-mix comprising a blend of Technical, Functional, and Domain and Basis skills.

Ayan follows a structured and standard delivery methodology which ensures consistent and quality delivery across its engagements. The methods and processes are continuously refreshed periodically to integrate the best practices and service delivery innovations that the team assimilates across its engagements.


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With Niche Consulting, you can achieve manufacturing excellence by delivering superior performance across distributed global and local plant. You can streamline the entire manufacturing process – from planning and scheduling, to sequencing and execution, to analysis – by improving efficiency along the value chain. As a result, you can lower costs, deliver higher-quality products, and boost margins.

Key Features:
  • Collaborative design – Help all stake holders take part early, so that handoffs are smooth and changes minimal
  • Transparent product configuration – Store product structures centrally for ready access by suppliers, engineers, shop floor personnel, and service representatives
  • Integrated manufacturing – Move smoothly from a development bill of material to a manufacturing bill of material, and control change efficiently
  • Ease of service – Design products that are easier to service and make sure that technicians have the materials they need.


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Customers are having bigger foot print of applications with shared master data needs
Ayan proposes to design the architecture, roll-out the consolidation solution, and layout the on-going data management framework / support, related to

Enterprise Data Management.

Ayan implementation approach focuses on

  • Using modified Accelerated SAP methodology
  • Leverage the pre-built Accelerators to cut cycle-time and reduce cost for customers
  • Bring in black-box approach by isolating data cleansing process with effective use of tools and technology on demand basis with a “cloud” approach


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At AYAN, we have created comprehensive SAP solutions for several industries, including oil & gas, retail, manufacturing, utilities, and high tech, among others. In many cases, that expertise is harnessed into our Industry Center of Excellence, where SAP solutions are constantly being developed, enabling our experts to apply best global practices to solve industry-specific business needs and local compliance and regulatory requirements.

Industries We Serve

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Professional Services

We support several industry vertical scenarios. In addition, the majority of our general portfolio is not only usable in an industry context, but is in fact being broadly adopted by our industry customers, helping them get the most out of SAP software every day and across the globe.

Our solutions consist of:

  • The solid SAP business suite backbone
  • SAP industry specific best practices
  • Industry knowledge repository
  • Subsector specific process blocks


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Ayan’s Technology Enablement facilitates collaboration across the product lifecycle,
from the earliest stages, among all stakeholders in your value chain.

Our solutions address the key business challenges:

  • Integrate disconnected design, procurement, and manufacturing silos to speed time to profit
  • Respond to shrinking margins by delivering new products to market
  • Enable development efficiency and collaboration to reduce lost time
  • Deliver consistent quality while lowering costs and reducing the number of change cycles
  • Manage change effectively throughout the product lifecycle



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