Ayan Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Vision & Mission


“To leverage innovative technology and partner with every customer, employee and vendor in a way that produces the best of ideas and excellence in execution”


For seven years, Ayan focused on growing our business by constantly prioritizing and leveraging technology in the best interest of our customers. To realize our Vision, we will

  • Achieve excellence through a continued emphasis on quality in delivery
  • Formalize and institutionalize our training and implementation methodology for tangible, achievable and predictable success, every single time
  • help our clients put in place the most effective processes for enhanced business performance
  • Raise the bar in building and sustaining a vibrant and productive workforce that is geared to the market and sensitive to customer needs
  • Constantly innovate, disrupt and build technology products and solutions that are relevant, nimble and easy to use

Our aim is to deliver everlasting and enduring value – for our business, and for yours.

Guiding Values and Principles:


We pride ourselves in not losing a single customer since inception. The comfort and quality of relationship with each and every customer we have worked with is what sets us apart and makes them reach out to us, even where Big Box competition is entrenched.


Your business is your business and our business is built on improving your business. We are professional, knowledgeable and will work to make a difference and earn our stripes as a trusted partner of choice. We will not tell you how to run your business and you will not tell us how to run ours, but when you call us, expect to hear our point of view that is based on fact, on building efficiency and keeping the noise out!


If there is one thing we have learnt in our short life, it is that life will go on, as long as we continue to innovate, not dominate. We will continue to build better and more relevant products and solutions, guided by process, technology, enhanced business value and ease of use.


Is technology always the answer? Can rational judgement be relegated to the back burner? We think not and we think you agree! What guides us in our endeavor to improve life is not just an emphasis on technology but an obsession with technology that helps transform an enterprise: in its ability to fulfil customer demand, conduct day to day business easily and add stakeholder value.



Our passion and commitment to these principles, combined with our old fashioned “right way to do it” is our set of values, our code of conduct and the moral high ground for recommending change in your organization. Fact based, knowledge based and inclusive, we aim “to leverage innovative technology and partner with every customer, employee, vendor & associate in a way that produces the best of ideas & excellence in execution”.

Hop on board, we will make it a ride to remember!


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