Migration Template (MIT)

Ayan has in-depth understanding of data and has handled all kinds of projects related to faulty data. We have built Migration Templates (MIG Templates for short) for loading, cleansing, managing, manipulating and organizing data. We also have expertise on master data management and governance. Most projects spend an inordinate amount of time and money on programmers that take forever to deal with your data. We know your data has issues and we have helped customers deal with this before. Come see for yourselves, the value addition we put into your projects!

Data Migration

  • Pre-built Migration Content based on SAP BOBJ Data Services
  • Templates for migration Master and Transaction data of 150+ Business Process objects
  • Ready made mapping for SAP and non-SAP applications (SAP, mapping for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Maximo)
  • Data Migration Service for New Implementation, Merger & Acquisition, Consolidation

Data Quality

  • Data Quality Health Check Service
  • Data Cleansing and Enrichment Service, as stand-alone or part of Migration
  • Pre-built Data Quality Management content using SAP BOBJ Data Services
  • Industry specific standards for data standardization
  • Data Governance framework.

Data Integration

  • Integration Services using SAP BOBJ Data Services
  • Integration Content based on Web Services, BAPI / Idoc / RFC, SMTP, FTP, HTTP technologies
  • Pre-built integration for 150+ standard Business Process objects
  • Integration & Transformation content for SAP and mapping for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Maximo.

Master Data Management

  • MDM Repositories for Operational Master Data, including: Well Master, Land/Lease, Enterprise Assets, Material Characteristics, BOM / Routing, Linear Assets, etc.
  • MDM Repositories for standard business processes including,, Materials, Customer, Vendors, etc.
  • Industry Specific MDM solutions for Oil & Gas Upstream, Utilities, Process Sector.
  • Master Data Governance framework and User Interface / BPM templates

Data Archiving

  • Archival Strategy Service
  • Data Archiving Assessment study
  • DART implementation service
  • Archival Migration Service
  • Legacy Data Archival Service (directly archive legacy historic data in SAP readable format)

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